We provide cutting edge Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that is best in class. Our more than 10 years of Internet Marketing and SEO experience means we can easily place you your business on the first page of the search engines even in the most competitive markets!

Social Media

If you have an internet presence and are not doing Social Media you are leaving many opportunities on the table, the trouble is doing great social media is time consuming and unless you know what you are doing, expect mixed results at best. We can help by setting up and running your core social media activities, freeing you up for the tasks that matter most.

Web Design

With extensive experience in the latest HTML and Mark-up techniques we can design or revamp your site for more conversions. We are also experts with and at hacking the most popular web Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Cutting Edge SEO

All SEO and Internet marketing techniques are well researched, and safe, we don’t take any short cuts Period.
In addition we belong to several top secret groups of the worlds best like minded SEOs, regularly discussing the latest changes in SEO as well as techniques that are currently working and what is not working. This unfair advantage allows our clients to Dominate Page One of Google.

Ethical ROI Focused

As we don’t lock clients into contracts its our ethics and performance that makes us number One.
No contracts gives clients flexibility to move should your circumstances change or we deliver results ahead of time.

That’s right we stand behind our work not a contact
We also work to an agreed end date!

Monthly Reports

Want to know how your campaigns are tracking? We send monthly reports of how your campaign is tracking as well as any notable news or changes to in the SEO world that is relevant to your site.

Are you ready to scale up your business with more leads and sales leads but existing media is way too expensive and your website is stuck in on page 10 of Google?

Welcome to ExchangeIS Consulting Services, if you found us via Google it was most likely via on the top of the first page searching for SEO Ho Chi Minh City or similar that’s right dominating the first page of Google! Guess what we can do the same for your business!

Why might I need an SEO Consultant? 98% Customers don’t look past the first page search results. Simply put if you are not on page one you are not being found. Enter the role of the SEO Expert and ExchangeIS Consulting Services. We guarantee first page search engine results, turning your website into a powerful lead generation tool that is many times more effective and cheaper than Google Adwords, Yellow pages and TV and Radio advertising.

We will work together with your business to ensure your website is modern, lighting fast and high converting then rank it in Google giving you an unbeatable combination.

Before we go further we ask that all potential clients complete our Discovery form. From this we will analyse your current website as well as business and produce a custom made video report of how we can rank your site and the results you should expect to see.